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 On this site you will find information on context, setting, character, storyline and ideas. We will also look at how the novel has been adapted to the screen by the director Jack Gold. This site is in DRAFT FORM and under construction so please use the Feedback page to make and suggestions or corrections.

* Click on the globe symbol in the left-hand column of this page. locate; England [London], Germany, Poland


*World War Two When and Where [Resource 1]

 As we begin to read the narrative, we need to have some information on the following topics if we are to make sense of what is happening in the text 


1. World War II.

2. The mass evacuation of children from cities throughout Britain.

3. The precautions citizens have to take.

4. The preparation and sacrifices citizens make.



 Watch the clip from the film The Chronicles of Narnia  [above] . Copy and paste the questions below to your drive and answer them based on what you see in this clip.

 * Which city is under attack in this opening scene ?

* Who are the attackers ?

* Why does the young boy make a serious error by leaving the curtains open ?

* What are the lights on the ground doing ?

* Why do the children leave the city ?

      - where are they going ?

      - why are they wearing tags ?

* Apart from the shots of the bombing, how else is context/setting [when and where ] established in this scene ?


Before you leave this page you should know the meanings of the following key terms; 

Blitz...Search lights...Blackout...Blackout Curtains…Air Raid Siren...Bomb shelter...Evacuation...Evacuees...Billeting officer...Billets...to be Billeted