Main Characters

  • Tom

  •  William

  • Zach

  • Mrs Beech


  • Mrs Hatridge

  • Mrs Fletcher

  • Dr & Mrs Little

  • Thatcher Children

Ceorge, Ginnie, Carrie

 How an author creates characters.

When we begin reading the book, we soon begin to imagine what the main characters are like both in terms of their physical appearance and personality. How does the author create these images and develop the character throughout the narrative ? In our study of character, we will look at some of the narrative technigues that Michelle Magorian employs in her novel to create these memorable characters.

Narrative Techniques

We will now together create a profile of one character Tom. Whe we finish our brainstorming in class, you will complete the following activity on Tom.

Character Profile Tom Quia Cloze Activity 

 It is now your turn to create a profile on William drawing on the work we have done on character so far. You will write two paragraphs based on the information provided in the opening three chapters. You will upload your profile to the drop box on MYOLMC